December's MUST READ on the Challenges Affecting America

November was the month to give thanks for the many, many blessings we have in America.

Now, it is time to consider all of the, often dire, challenges facing our nation. I would like each of you to read this outstanding piece that lays the issues out. Please read it. 

As frequent readers know, my current favorite for president is Ron DeSantis. Some of the criticism directed at him, like this piece from The Hill -- which should know better --  is ludicrous:

Really? Given the challenges affecting our nation we want to rule out a man or woman for president because they are not "warm and fuzzy"?! I would say that is exactly what we need in the president at this time. 

DeSantis has shown that not only can he govern effectively, he can bring people together. Given the fractured nature of our civil discourse, we need someone who can unite people as Americans rather than the infinite sub-groups we seem to have. 

To reiterate: I have not made a final decision as to who I will support. I am using this example as a means to say, get serious! We have major issues. It is time to have a sharp, focused, patriotic and proven leader as president. 


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