Severe Blizzard Likely - Do Not Travel!

Under No Circumstances Should 
Travel Be Attempted in These Areas!

Snowfall will be extreme with this storm. 

Below is the forecast radar at 11am Tuesday.

[addition at 1:20p CST]
Above is the forecast radar for 7am CST/6am MST forecast radar. Newer information indicates the snow may extend farther south in the Colorado Plains. Wind gusts to 50 mph are likely. That means blizzard conditions may well occur and affect U.S. 50 Highway. Also, note that some snow is now forecast to fall in the Denver Metro.

[resume original text]

These are forecasted wind gusts as of 11am -- there are multiple areas of wind gusts stronger than 60 mph. These will cause severe drifting of snow -- more than five feet in places!
The blizzard will be followed by extreme cold. Roads will be impassible for days. Attempting to travel in these areas will literally be taking your life in your hands. 
  • Orange = blizzard warning 
  • Pink = winter storm warning 
  • Brown = high wind warning 
  • Dark turquoise = winter storm watch for ice
  • Purple = winter weather advisory (a lesser condition) 
  • Gray = dense fog
With the high winds, there is also a chance of power failures. Please prepare for this storm if you live in theses areas. 


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