Friday Fun: "What a Great Lamp!"

lt has been a uniquely depressing week meteorologically with fatal tornadoes, a crippling blizzard, and the prospect of an extremely cold Dec. 23-25 coming up. So, I thought we needed an extra "fun" day on the blog. 

"It's glorious! It is indescribably beautiful!"
Chickasha, Oklahoma, is the location of the only time when, while tornado chasing in 1973, the tornado began chasing us! It was also home of Noland James (1931-2020) who designed the inspiration for the classic leg lamp in A Christmas Story. The "prototype," such that it was, was designed for an art class at our mutual alma mater, the University of Oklahoma (see link). [I wonder what grade it got?]

It is the centerpiece of a new city park.

If you have not seen A Christmas Story, the classic scene is here after "the old man" (whose hobby was entering contests) wins "a major award."
The movie is very similar to my childhood. The Parker's home was nearly identical to my grandmother's, complete with push button light switches. 

And, the next time you are in central Oklahoma, head down Highway 9 to a very nice small town.
Just make sure there are no tornadoes in the area!


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