Thursday, December 22, 2022

Almost Certain Damage to 2023 Wheat Crop

-- 2023 Wheat Crop Takes Another Hit --

This is where hard red winter wheat is grown
 in the USA.

The extreme cold likely damaged this year's crop.

Mid-Afternoon Weather Satellite Image
Amarillo, TX reached -1°F this morning, Dalhart was zero; Boise City (OK) reached -4°F. All of these locations had no snow cover as shown on the above weather satellite image from this afternoon. It will be extremely cold tonight as the forecast map (below) which depicts 4am temperatures, indicates.

I am seriously concerned about damage to the 2023 winter wheat crop crop in the southern High Plains. The wheat is planted in September and early October and is harvested the following late May to July. Usually, wheat can survive extreme low temperatures if it is covered by snow. This was not the case today nor will it be the case tonight. Combine it with the drought (below) and I believe yields will take a huge hit. 

Palmer Drought Index
The browns and red = drought.
The blues = wet conditions.
There are times winter wheat, which is quite hardy, surprises us. However, I will be surprised if that is the case this year. The timing is especially unfortunate as there could be a shortage of wheat due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, which are major wheat producing nations. 

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