Here It Comes! [Updated at 4:pm Wednesday]

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Winter precipitation as of 4:00pm.

The cold air mass location (purple) as of 4pm CST.

Forecast position of the extreme cold at 7pm CST today.

Forecast position at 7am Thursday.

Predicted Radar (Precipitation) at 7pm This Evening
Blue = snow. Pink = ice. 

Predicted Radar (Precipitation) at 7am Thursday
There will be periods of blizzard or near blizzard conditions with the band of snow from eastern Kansas to Wisconsin. 

Predicted Radar (Precipitation) at 7pm Thursday
Do not try to drive through this storm or the cold air mass. If you fly through it, be prepared for flight cancellations or extended delays. 

ECMWF model's forecast amount of snow now until 9pm Friday.

Snow forecast for 9pm Friday to 9pm Saturday.

Below are NWS watches/warnings as of 4pm CST Wednesday.

Since this map was created, a "winter weather" advisory has been issued for south central Kansas for the rest of the afternoon. That could cause slick areas on I-35, I-135 and US 400. And, at 12:53pm, the blizzard warning has ben extended into much of southwest Michigan, including Grand Rapids. 

Color codes:
  • Orange = blizzard warning
  • Pink = winter storm warning 
  • Dark green = winter storm watch
  • Purple = winter weather advisory (a lesser condition than a warning)
  • Gold/Brown = high wind forecast
  • Maroon = high wildfire risk
  • Gray = dense fog advisory


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