Friday, December 30, 2022

I Had No Idea the Opposition to Wind Energy was Growing So Quickly

From a piece by Robert Bryce, published yesterday:

...state of Vermont, where no new wind projects are being built. Why not? Simple: Vermonters hate wind turbines. Or ... look at New York, a state where big renewable projects are so unpopular that bureaucrats in Albany are aiming to override local zoning laws to force communities to accept wind and solar projects. Or he could look at California, a state with an aggressive “clean” electricity mandate, where the amount of installed wind capacity has been stuck at about 6,000 megawatts since 2015. Why hasn’t it grown? Californians are like Vermonters: they don’t want giant wind projects in their neighborhoods.

Blue State + Blue State + Blue State + Blue State. 

It is just amazing that these states, especially New York, have people that urge us to put up with expensive and unreliable wind power when they will not tolerate it for themselves

Mr. Bryce has a database of locations which have rejected wind projects and the number of locations is growing rapidly. 
I urge you to read the entire article!

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