Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Attention: Returning Holiday Travelers

Here is the forecast precipitation between 6pm CST this evening to 6pm CST on Monday, January 2nd. 
As you can see, this is forecast to be a very active period. I would expect I-80 to be closed across the Sierra at least once. I also believe the snow band across the Great Plains (arrow) may end up occurring at least a bit father south than indicated. 

Given the meltdown at Southwest Airlines, I would be extremely reluctant to fly them during this period with at least two more coast-to-coast storms on tap. I would also be proactive and have "Plan B" reservations in mind in case yours get cancelled (i.e., you'll find airline reps are often happier if you have something in mind rather than asking them to fish the reservation system for you), regardless of airline.

While the timing during a holiday travel period is lousy, it is great that this moisture will put a significant dent in the drought in the West. 

Also, thunderstorms, some strong, will be numerous in the area outlined on Monday (2nd) and Monday night. 

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