Saturday, December 24, 2022

Have Yourself a Wonderful Christmas!!

To all of our readers, 
we hope you have the best Christmas ever. 
I hope all of your family members made it to your celebrations safely. If there is any way to do so, please consider going to church to thank God for our immense blessings. There are many who have labored to bring Christmas to those less fortunate. They deserve our thanks. 

While you are in church, say a brief prayer for meteorologists. Most all forecast operations have as many meteorologists working today as any other day. Our field often does not get the respect it deserves. 

Early last week, during the storm coverage, we passed the eight million page view mark since 2013. While it says "all time," there was no counter from the start of the blog in 2009 to 2013. I guesstimate that we've had more than ten million views since the blog began. 
Thanks to all of our readers. 

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