Unfortunate Vindication

Those of us who have been pleading that politicians listen to our factual presentations that 'renewables' were making the grid unreliable have been -- unfortunately! -- hugely vindicated today. It gives me no pleasure to state this. 

When the grid is so fragile that turning on stadium lights (the delayed kickoff of the Titans game in Nashville this afternoon) risks crashing the system, it is all proof that is needed: America's power grid is crumbling to third-world status. There is no quick fix because more wind farms are being erected every day. The next snow, just like this last, will cover existing and future solar panels rendering them useless in winter's cold.

[Addition] I had correspondence with a reporter this afternoon. She indicated the people she spoke to were surprised about the electrical issues from the cold wave. I directed her to this screen capture of a portion of my December 13 cold wave forecast. That's ten days advance notice!

[Original Text]

As we've said over and over and over: Solar and wind fail when you need them the most as they have the last 36 hours. Adding insult to injury, they raise costs to consumers. 

Congress and state legislators: are you paying attention? It is past time for an embargo on shutting down fossil fuel electric generation (which was done earlier this week) units. We need a crash program to bring more fossil fuels online until nuclear can be built. 


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