Environmental Awards: Another Bad Joke on the Environment

Prince and Princess of Wales on the 
(get it!) green carpet. 
Daily Mail
Less than two weeks after the end of the COP27 global warming conference in Egypt -- the one with 800 private jets and with lobster and steak flown in after telling us to eat insects -- people from all over the world (Australia, California, Europe) have flown into Boston for an environmental award show this evening called Earthshot Prize. The audience is loaded with prominent environmental scientists like Catherine O'Hara, Mitt Romney, David Beckham and Annie Lennox. 

The carbon footprint generated by COP27 and Earthshot and the lobsters (I wonder how much air fare a lobster has to pay?) is probably enough to heat every home in Wichita for a year. Of course, we taxpayers are footing the bill for much of this, e.g., U.S. Ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy is flying in for no apparent reason. 

Of course, all of this could be done over Zoom. It evidently never occurs to these hypocrites that they are doing their cause far more harm than good. Or, if it occurs to them, they don't care. The glamour and the ability to hobnob with the glitterati trumps the environmental damage. 

As Glenn Reynolds puts it, I'll believe global warming is a crisis when the people telling me it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis.


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