Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Monster Overnight Tornadoes

This was the monster tornado near Hayti, Missouri (Bootheel) along the 200+ mile long rotation track (we don't know yet whether it was one, or multiple, tornadoes) from Arkansas to central Kentucky. If the Governor of Kentucky and others are correct, it caused at least 75 fatalities. Below is a map of the approximate track; it is the more northern of the two parallel rotation tracks. 
The video was taken around 9pm -- about four hours after sunset and after some had retired for the night. Nighttime tornadoes, depending on the research results, are twice to three times as deadly as tornadoes during the day. I knew this one would be especially bad because no one is thinking of tornadoes two weeks before Christmas. So, I wonder how many people received and acted upon the excellent forecasts.

I am also having a difficult time recalling a tornado outbreak when so many violent tornadoes occurred at night. While there have been individual F-5 tornadoes (Udall, Greensburg, etc.) that have occurred in darkness, I don't recall an outbreak of this geographic breadth. This is undoubtedly a factor in the horrific death toll.

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