Major Wind Event From Foothills to Great Plains Wednesday

The above map is forecasted peak wind gusts for Wednesday. In Colorado, winds could gust to above 100 mph. In Kansas, we could see gusts to 85 mph. Nebraska will have gusts to 70 mph. 

These winds will cause:
  • Power failures, perhaps on a widespread basis. Make sure you can last 48 hours, at least, without power. 
  • Extraordinary wildfire danger. Any fires that start will be nearly impossible to extinguish given their speed of movement in these winds.
  • Much reduced visibility due to blowing dust. 
  • Tumbleweed storms
As of 9:30pm, high wind watches are in effect (brown) over a vast part of the central United States.
  • Maroon = high wildfire danger.
  • Pink = winter storm warning
  • Purple = winter weather advisory, a lesser condition.
I'll have an additional update tomorrow.


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