Friday, December 31, 2021

Winter Storm Forecast for New Year's Weekend

Updated: NWS watches and warnings as of 10:25am. 

Here is a color code:
  • Pink is winter storm warning. 
  • Deep green is a winter storm watch. 
  • Purple is a winter weather advisory (lesser condition)
  • Green is a flood watch. 

Here is the forecast snow accumulations

Click to enlarge
I'm still concerned there are some areas between I-70 and I-80 could have amounts a little larger than what is forecast here but this is the best forecast I can come up with at this time. Over southern Kansas and northern Missouri the snow will occur toward the end of the event. 

Sleet/Ice Pellets
Snow amounts will be cut a bit by the considerable amount of sleet forecasted to fall. 

Freezing Rain
Freezing rain is what causes power failures, trees to fall, and roads to be incredibly hazardous. I don't believe there will be sufficient accumulations for power failures or tree problems. 

Temperatures at 5pm Saturday

Wind Chills at 8am Sunday
In all, this will be a major winter weather event. Tomorrow will be mild across the region and would be better for traveling, either by air or auto. I recommend considering an earlier departure if you were planning to travel this weekend. 

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