Extraordinarily Dangerous Wind Situation

Breakdown of Wind Forecasts

There will be widespread power failures and, where the winds are highest, structural damage. A 107 mph wind gust has already occurred at Lamar, in southeast Colorado. 

In Colorado, wind gusts of 100+ are likely in and near Boulder,  Raton Pass and in the other areas in pink and white on the map. 
There could be gusts to 90 mph elsewhere in the Denver Metro. 

In Kansas, the area within the purple lines will see, in places, wind gusts to 80 mph. In the white areas, wind gusts of 90+ mph are possible. 
Northeast of Kansas, please go here for the latest wind forecasts. 

In this situation, rain is not our friends. If you see rain moving toward you on radar, that is an indication of the highest winds. 

In Kansas and points northeast, the highest winds will occur after 11am CST. Take this time to bring in Christmas decorations, lawn furniture or anything else that can be blown about. 

There will be widespread, and prolonged, power failures. 

Please do not drive unless for an urgent reason. 

Make sure friends and family are aware of this threat. 

Update 10:50am CST from far western Kansas. 
This is a dust storm. 


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