Thursday, December 2, 2021

The Giant Wind Farm Worth NEGATIVE $1.3 Billion

As Kathleen and I were driving back from Kansas City Sunday, it was shocking to see mile after mile of wind turbines paralyzed for lack of wind. Billions of investment a total waste. 

The fact that this giant wind farm is worth less than nothing is not surprising. 

Located in the ocean 100 mi northeast of England, yet another wind white elephant has emerged
Not only is the project itself a giant white elephant, ordinary rate-payers are going to have to pick up the tap for this giant mess. 

Again, the general public's oft-stated,
We fear global warming's "cures" more than 
we fear global warming.
Has been validated yet again. 

There is no need whatsoever to build wind farms in the middle of the ocean. We can generate all the power we need through nuclear and hydro -- clean energy that actually helps the world decarbonize energy. 

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