4pm Tornado Watch Update

The tornado watch has been significantly enlarged in Missouri and Illinois (pink) till 11pm. 

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Note: There is not only a high risk of tornadoes, there is a high risk of strong tornadoes (EF-2+ intensity). There is also a high risk of thunderstorm-generated winds of 60 mph or stronger. 

The above is the tornado watch which is in effect until 11pm. The NWS is explictly forecasting "several strong tornadoes" in this area. Many of the tornadoes will occur at night -- which makes them three times more dangerous than tornadoes during the day. 

Here is the radar at 4pm. 
Strong thunderstorms have developed, just about on schedule, in central Arkansas. Those storms are moving rapidly northeast. 

Other thunderstorms have developed in the DFW Metroplex. They could become severe later. 

Please monitor the weather if you live in the tornado watch area.

This will be my last blog update. Follow me the rest of the evening on Twitter @usweatherexpert. 


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