The Climate Ghouls Are Working Overtime

The behavior of the climate ghouls after storms 
that killed about 80 has been 
especially reprehensible science Friday night. 

This exchange is perfect:
It is unfortunate the head of FEMA -- who is not a meteorologist and has no weather science background -- is flitting from one MSM organization to another to read off her focus group-tested "new normal" talking points. As long-time readers know, FEMA usually does a poor job after tornadoes and hurricanes, so global warming and tornadoes is a way raise FEMA's visibility while changing the subject. Note that no one is asking her, "What are your plans to rapidly get aid to people in six states?"

Katrina 2.0
Global warming has its own public relations agencies
Of course, exactly the same thing was done after Katrina by the public relations teams (one of the many, here) who make their fortunes by hyping global warming. after Katrina even thought -- as subsequent events have shown -- Katrina wasn't a new normal and hurricanes have not increased.

This peer-reviewed data demonstrates (below) that hurricanes have not increased in number and intensity.
Now back to tornadoes:
Classic global warming theory predicted the poles will warm faster than the tropics. That is what has occurred in the real world. It isn't the temperature of the air that provides the primary energy for tornadoes, it is the contrast in temperature from north to south. With the poles warming more quickly, that contrast has decreased; so, it would be expected that tornadoes would decrease. And, they have.

Below is a plot of the official NOAA data showing that since 1950 (when official records begin) the number of violent tornadoes (F-4/5) has significantly decreased. 

Unfortunately, many of the people (like the head of FEMA) opining are not weather scientists or they are weather scientists and they have their own pet research models for which they have to raise funding. In the politics of a Democratic administration, the best way to do that is to get on board with the global warming gravy train. 

A Personal Note
Over the weekend I tried to convince some colleagues who are "true believers" in global warming that saying anything this soon was premature and in bad taste. I was generally unsuccessful. They were in "never let a crisis go to waste" mode.

That brings me back to an item I posted last week from The Babylon Bee which is a satire site. Agree 110%.
There is no question that warmer global temperatures, as compared to fifty years ago, brings issues that must be managed regardless of the extent to which humans have caused that warming. The fastest and most effective way is to create a program to build nuclear power plants and hydro generating stations in locations where they have already been approved (two in California alone) -- where Big Environment has blocked that source of carbon-free energy. We can de-carbonize energy without turning our society upside down or decreasing our standard of living or building a jillion windmills that do not work well anyway. 


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