Sunday, December 12, 2021

Comparison of the Tri-State Tornado to Friday Night's Long-Lived Supercell

Because the media and various political officials are making comparisons pertaining to Friday night's tornadoes (see posting immediately below), I thought the map below would be helpful.
The green line from Missouri to Indiana is the path of the Great Tri-State Tornado, the longest tornado track in history. It was also an F-5 storm that killed 689 people.

The radar echoes and the accompanying red polygons (tornado warnings issued Friday evening) represents the life of the supercell thunderstorm that spawned the worst of the tornadoes. What we don't know as yet is the length of the one or more tornadoes that this supercell produced. Is it possible that the Tri-State record has been broken? Yes. We just do not know, yet.

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