Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Drought-Breaking Rain and Snow in the West the Next Seven Days

Up to December 11th (latest available), the Palmer Drought Index showed remarkable improvement in the West compared to November 1st.

December 11 Palmer Drought Index (most recent)

November 1 Palmer Index
The current map shows far less area in "extreme" drought. 

The forecast for the next seven days calls for heavy to even excessive rain and snow in the West. 
Precipitation Forecast to 6pm CST December 28
Parts of the Sierra will receive 15+ inches of rain and melted snow. Extreme snowfall is forecasted in the Colorado mountains as well as in Utah. Flooding could develop in California by January 1. 

The worsening drought in the Great Plains will continue for the next seven days. However, there are indications of a pattern change in the upper atmosphere around January 1. That would be colder and wetter than the pattern we've been in during most of December. 

I hope to have more on the changing weather pattern tonight or tomorrow.  

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