Sunday, August 16, 2020

Assistance Urgently Needed in Iowa and Cedar Rapids

Let's begin with the bottom line. The situation is critical after Monday's derecho. Donation information is below. 
This morning in Cedar Rapids
It is hard to believe how serious the situation is in Iowa. Six days after, there are still a quarter-million  people without power.
It won't be until tomorrow afternoon for even half of the City of Cedar Rapids to have power.

The Iowa governor was very slow on the uptake with this storm and didn't even call out the Iowa National Guard until Friday.

The derecho's damage is more like a Cat. 2 hurricane than a windstorm. More on the derecho, here.
Please, please donate. Local meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman recommends:

  • United Way of East Central Iowa. Go here. However, their donations have to go through PayPal and I was not able to get the link to work this morning.
  • She also recommends the Food Pantry, here. This is where I made my donation this morning. 

God Bless You for doing so!!

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