I Feel Sorry For the People of California

You have been sold a bill of goods pertaining to 'alternative' energy -- which follows the laws of physics and meteorology (i.e., wind/solar are least available when needed the most) in spite of BigClimate wants you to believe. 
They also destabilize the electric grid. So, when temperatures are highest in summer and coldest in winter, the needed electricity is not available. The rest of the nation should stop before we find ourselves in California's predicament.

From stories in the (San Francisco) East Bay Times:
The tragedy is that California has shut down a reliable nuclear power plant and scheduled to close another. 

You've read these words countless times here in the eleven-year history of this blog: Natural gas and nuclear -- especially, next-gen nuclear -- are the solutions to the genuine problem of global warming. Wind and solar are expensive and unreliable.

Ironic update 3:30pm PDT:
So, people are not able to get the latest info as to the status of the blackouts in their area. I'd be tempted to say they must not have enough power to run it, but I won't. 😉


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