Some Highlights of the August 10, 2020, Midwest Derecho

Update 5pm Monday, August 17:
A truly devastating storm.

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The Storm:
The path of the derecho is plotted below. It moved east at nearly a mile a minute. The highest known wind was 112 mph near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The map below indicates where tornadoes (red) and wind gusts measured over 75 mph (blue squares) were measured. The tornado in north Chicago was rated EF-1 intensity with winds of 110mph.
Map updated as of 4:42pm Wednesday
Here is a map of where people are still without power as of 8am this morning.
This adds up to more than two million people. I predict some people will still be without power for 3-4 days. There are still people without power due to Hurricane Isaias more than a week ago.

The 2020 corn crop took a beating from the derecho.
Here is a satellite image of the flattened corn crop in Iowa.

The Warnings:
It appears no one was killed by the storm. That is likely due, in part, to the excellent advance warnings.
The lack of deaths was remarkable in view of the intensity of the damage. This was in Cedar Rapids,  9 miles from where a gust to 112 mph was clocked.
In addition,
This is why we told people to "shelter as if it were a tornado." It was excellent advice.

There is another perspective on the derecho, here.

An additional photo:


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