Hurricane Laura - Followup 9:15am Thursday

Hurricane Laura was What We Feared
The recovery will take months
This is from Lake Charles this morning. Power failures and damage, unfortunately, have been extensive. Wind gusts near 150 mph have been reported. Photos from Twitter.

And, this is a leak from a chemical plant. The seriousness is unknown.

Power failures have been near total in many areas. Scattered power failures will creep north as the day progresses.
The radars at Ft. Polk and Lake Charles have been knocked out of service. Below is the last image before the Lake Charles radar failed at 12:53am.

This is what the Lake Charles radar looks like this morning. Even the tower is tilting. The radars are designed to survive 134 mph winds (see next photo below).

This was the radar before Laura.

This morning, the first responders represent the best of America. 

I recommend donating to the Salvation Army Disaster fund


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