IMPORTANT Advice to News Media and Politicians

Please, please, if you are a politician or member of the news media I urge you to follow these suggestions:

News Media: Please stop tweeting, posting and asking about this 'supercane' notion. While low pressure systems in the atmosphere can combine, they will not result in a 'supercane' or some type of super storm. Please stop spreading this nonsense. And, respectfully, please stop asking politicians weather forecast or weather science questions. It never ends well

Political Figures: Please find a meteorologist or meteorological company with whom you can work with one on one. Consult with them right before a press conference or other public utterance. Weather information is highly perishable and what you may have seen on television two hours before may be out of date by the time of your media briefing.

If you have a question, please DM me (as a reporter in Great Britain did this morning) and I will be happy to assist. No extra charge. 😉


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