A Pleasant Surprise: "Wired" Calls For a National Disaster Review Board

Wired magazine has an article which calls for the creation of a National Disaster Review Board, a concept I have championed since 2012. The blue link takes your to Part 1. Part 2 is here.

I won't restate all of the reasons this is a necessary expenditure of tax dollars; all of the reasons are at the blue link. I do want to state that as a political conservative, I fully realize,
  • Government often does things poorly, especially after the first generation of an agency's leadership departs. With only a few exceptions, the National Transportation Safety Board has been able to stay independent and focused. The NDRB will have to learn from them as to how to do the same.
  • "Capture" is a real danger. That is a Washington, DC term for the industry "capturing" an agency that is supposed to be its regulator. While hardly the only example, the Federal Aviation Administration has become a complete joke in its mission of regulating the airlines. We will have be on guard to prevent that from occurring. 
  • Yes, I know we have a gargantuan deficit. But, a seriously injured person or a boarded up, damaged building do not contribute tax dollars. Decreasing the skyrocketing disaster damage tolls would be a net positive for the economy.
So, please read these articles and see what you think. If you agree with me, please contact your federal representatives. I already have. 


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