Power Failures Likely As Isaias Moves Through the Middle Atlantic and Northeast States

While Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias "underperformed" many peoples' perceptions in Florida (I'll write an post on that topic later today), it will be strong enough to down tree limbs along and to the east of its path through the Middle Atlantic and Northeast states.

Here are the current forecast peak wind gusts in the Middle Atlantic region.

And, the forecast peak gusts in the Northeast.
So, in the areas of orange, red and brown, prepare for power failures. In some cases, the power failures could last for a few days. 

There are also flash flood watches out for much of the region.

In addition to power failures, flash floods and tree damage, there is a likelihood of tornadoes in the area in brown late today and tonight.
Please prepare accordingly.

Here is the radar view of the storm as of 1:26pm.


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