U.S. Winter Storm Forecast: January 4 to 12

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Between now and 6am January 4, here is the forecast snow across the country. 
The snow may be very heavy in the southern Sierra with corresponding travel impacts and power outages. Please prepare accordingly. 

Long-Term Snow Forecast, January 4-12
click to enlarge for entire U.S. 

Long time readers know that I am not much for long term (beyond four days) snowfall forecasts. This is an exception because during this eight-day period, there will be three strong winter storms will cross the nation. After the 13th, the last of the three storms will weaken rapidly, if the models are correct. So, for planning purposes, here you go. Comments:
  • Yes, the Northeast has a chance for heavy snow. This includes NYC and Boston. 
  • Not everywhere in the "heavy snow potential" area will receive more than 4" in 12 hours (my definition of heavy snow). 
  • No, I am not putting amounts on this because it is far too soon to get that specific. 
  • The forecast was made by taking the most world's reliable models (ECMWF, UKMET and Canadian for weather aficiados) and their secondary products (like ensembles). 
So, if you work in industries such as energy, transportation/logistics, winter storm emergency management, or were planning a cross country trip with your family, I recommend you continue to check our forecasts. We will continue to monitor this weather pattern very closely.


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