Sunday, January 23, 2022

Yes! Companies Need Expert Weather Science

A bit of news thanks to KMOV-TV in St. Louis. Amazon is hiring two meteorologists per their job board. 
This is the result of a tornado causing fatal injuries at their Edwardsville, Illinois, facility December 10. A nighttime tornado struck (below), killing six.
According to the KMOV story, Amazon is going to hire a meteorologist and a chief meteorologist. That's fine if they believe it is what will work for them. But, can two people cover facilities in almost every city of any size, across numerous time zones, and with different local climatologies?

I am retired from the day-to-day forecasting business but am still active in the field. We can provide objective guidance to businesses attempting to make decisions in a field unfamiliar to their industry.

Typical questions can include the decision to hire your own meteorologists or outsource to a commercial weather company, mission-critical communications, safety plans, and other vital safety decisions. 

Contact us for more information. After all, tornado season 2022 is just weeks away. 

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