Major Winter Storm For Central Great Plains and Midwest

Here is my forecast for snowfall until 6pm on Thursday the 4th. 

This will a crippling storm in the areas in purple and pink. In the dark maroon area southeast and southeast of Chicago, there will be 1.5 feet of snow!

The snow will begin Tuesday evening, generally between 6 and 10pm, in the area indicted. It will spread quickly in all directions after that time. 
While the snow falls, there will be wind gusts to 30 or even 35 mph in places which will cause drifting snow. 

Freezing Rain Forecast:

Above are maps of the Sperry-Piltz ice storm power failure index. 
  • Orange: "Scattered utility interruptions expected, typically lasting 12-24 hours."
  • Red (southeast Missouri): "Numerous utility interruptions with some damage to main feeder lines and equipment expected. Tree limb damage is excessive. Outages lasting 1-5 days. 
There is no doubt in my mind that the ice, snow, the drifting, power failures, and the cold -- especially Friday morning -- will further increase the supply chain issues we are experiencing across the country. 
The shades of green are lows below zero Friday.
My usual suggestions for ice storms and heavy snow apply:
  • Make provisions for the infirm now.
  • Fully charge electrical devices. But, if power flashes (blue-green ground flashes caused by shorting lines and transformers) or blinking power occur, take them off the charger immediately to prevent damage. 
  • Get prescriptions filled before the snow begins. 
  • Go to the grocery store and get extra cash from the ATM. 
Finally, here is an overview of the various watches, warnings, etc.,
Color code:
  • Pink, winter storm warning
  • Dark blue, winter storm watch
  • Maroon, very high wildfire danger
  • Green, flash flood watch
  • Amber, high winds likely 
  • Purple, winter storm advisory (lesser condition)
  • Turquoise (NW Montana), freezing fog warning 
I will update this forecast tomorrow morning. 


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