Thursday, January 13, 2022

To @NOAA: Above Normal is a GOOD Thing

Screen capture of NOAA's animation
The climate ghouls were doing their best version of a happy dance earlier today when NOAA released the (disappointing) news (to them) that global 2021 temperatures tied for only the sixth warmest using their metric. Clearly, they are disappointed 2021 didn't set a record. So, they attempted to hype the situation as best they could. 

Why go to the trouble? Remember: NOAA gets more $$ and prestige -- from the "right" people such as high Biden Administration officials and the mainstream media -- when global warming looks worse. So, the hype machine has been operating at full speed. 

As Joanne Nova put it, 
NOAA's graphic (above) has animation stating it has been "45 years since Earth's [sic] had a colder-than-average year." NOAA's grammar is as good as its perspective. 

It is vital to understand:
Above average temperatures = a very good thing!!
If earth had a colder-than-average period, there would be crop failures and mass starvation. 

How do we know? This occurred in the mid-20th Century when temperatures cooled from 1944 to 1978. 
Several #1 best-selling dire-message books were published during this time of famine and crop failures. 
The Population Bomb called for Egypt and Haiti to be blockaded and intentionally starved so the rest of the world would have enough to eat! This was during the "global cooling" scare of the 70's.

With today's warmer weather, mass meteorological crop failures are nearly a thing of the past. 

One of the very worst things that could occur to humanity would be for world temperatures to fall below the 45-year average for any period of time. 

'Coincidentally,' the competing temperature metric by University of Alabama climate scientist Dr. Roy Spencer was demonetized by Google last week. His global metric displayed less extreme values. His hype-free assessments of the climate situation surely irritated the wrong people. 

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