Looming Snow and Ice Storm!

Let's begin with the most serious condition which is the forecast ice storm in the Southeast. 

Freezing Rain Amounts
It is important to keep in mind that this is a preliminary forecast.  In some of the heavier amount locations, tree damage will occur and there is a chance for power failures. Prepare accordingly. This includes Atlanta. 

Snow Timing and Amounts
From my friends at AccuWeather, above is a forecast of when the snow will begin to fall at a given location. 

Below is their forecast -- and, I agree -- for Midwest snowfall. 
In Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, accumulating snow west of U.S. 77 will be dependent on the rate of cooling Friday night. Isolated areas may receive more than 1" of snow if the cooling is fast enough. 

Addition 8:30pm.
Purple is a winter weather advisory. Gold is high winds. Deep blue is a winter storm watch. 

The snow will spread to the East Coast the first of the week. I'll have details on that tomorrow. 


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