The Climate Gestapo

On this blog and Twitter, you've read mentions of the Department of Energy's Climate Gestapo. They are now hiring. 

Their job is to get into local communities --  and even come onto your property -- to build support for 'clean' energy. Per various news releases on of their first tasks will be to rally support for transmission lines for wind energy since solar and wind usually aren't located where people live. Per the DOE web site, they will: 
  • Engaging and collaborating early with states, tribal nations, and stakeholders to accelerate transmission deployment. 
I'm going to take a wild guess that they will try to blend in and make the public believe that what they are seeing and hearing is a result of local residents. This is a known technique of Big Climate. Of course, $20 billion of your tax dollars will be spent on this effort -- which will result in more expensive and less reliable electricity. 

So, thanks to the Biden Administration, the climate gestapo will become reality. 


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