Winter Storm Forecast Update

If you live in eastern Kansas or adjacent areas, I have a winter weather update for you. Please make sure your friends and family are aware of this change in the forecast. 

The low pressure system is tracking farther west than originally forecasted and there will be a slight amount of instability. The result is that there will be a band of heavy falling snow farther west -- between the Missouri border and the Flint Hills -- than initially expected. It is even possible that an isolated "snow thunderstorm" could occur. 
Please note: the band of heavy snowfall could shift ±25 mi east or west.
Above is the amount of snow I predict to fall but not all of it will accumulate because of the very warm ground. However, wind gusts will be to 35-40 mph which means there will be drifting and blowing snow -- making driving very hazardous during daylight hours Saturday, especially between sunrise and noon.. 

The snow will reach the Kansas-Nebraska/Missouri-Iowa border areas by around 8pm this evening and will drop south from there. Snow should end in Kansas by sunset Saturday. 


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