Update on Winter Storm

Please factor these forecasts into your plans.

Ice Storm in Southeast - Power Failures Possible. 

Specifically focusing in on the potential for power failures, the greatest chance is in the area in darkest green, which includes Charlotte. 
  • Fill your car with fuel. 
  • Purchase grocery and prescriptions needed for at least three days. 
  • Make arrangements for friends and relatives who may need it.
  • Keep items like phones and laptops on chargers. 
  • Get some extra cash. 
Snow Amount Forecasts
The heaviest amounts will occur in Iowa near Des Moines and Ames. 

While these amounts should be considered preliminary, I have moderately high confidence at this point. 

Finally, below is a map of NWS advisories. 
  • Pink = winter storm warning. 
  • Gold = high wind warning. 
  • Maroon = high wildfire danger. 
  • Sand = wind advisory (lesser condition).
  • Purple = winter weather advisory. 
  • Dark green = winter storm watch. 


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