Volcano Questions Answered

I've had lots of questions today as to whether the volcano might:
  1. Have caused high winds in San Francisco overnight?
  2. Cause the current winter storm to change path?
  3. Cause the La Nina to change to an El Nino through warming of the water due to hot volcanic magma?
  4. When will the volcanic cloud arrive over the United States?
and, a number of others. I didn't roll back the twitter feed back very far. I always like questions (@usweatherexpert) so here are some answers:

1. The barometric pressure wave that encircled the world might have caused a period of wind gusts in SFO or anywhere. It caused a micro-tsunami in Puerto Rico. However, any change in winds would be minor.

2.  No. 

3. The underwater lava causes explosions. While that will cause some heat transfer, it is relatively minor and would not significantly effect the La Nina. That is not to say it will not have climatological effects. We don't know yet. For more, see here

4. As to ash particles, the answer may be never. The weather of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres operate more or less independently. However, given enough time, the sulphur dioxide may eventually reach North America as it can stay in the atmosphere for years. But, it will take a considerable period of time. 


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