Friday, January 28, 2022

Blizzard Warnings For East Coast

From NYC a few minutes ago.

Storm Warnings Updated at 10:35am
While the map has not updated, a blizzard warning was just issued for southeast Connecticut and the eastern two-thirds of Long Island. NYC is not under a blizzard warning at this time but it is under a winter storm warning. 

The orange shading is where a blizzard warning is in effect. Pink is a winter storm warning. This will be a big one. 

Lighter blue is a winter storm watch. Purple is a winter weather advisory (less condition).

You do not want to fly or drive into the into the pink or orange areas after the snow begins. Snow removal services will be overwhelmed. Power failures may occur in the blizzard warning areas. 
  • Get prescriptions refilled.
  • Fill your car with fuel.
  • Get extra cash. 
Thundersnow may occur from Long Island to Boston.

Snow Amounts Below. There will be severe drifting.

Forecast Radar for 7pm

Forecast Radar for 8am Saturday 

                                               Forecast Radar for 2pm Saturday


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