Sunday, May 31, 2020

We Are Fighting For the Soul of Our Nation

I'm sorry if you are sick of reading this. I'm sick to my stomach at having to post it.
Reagan Conservatives, like me, are pro-"law and order" in the best sense of the term. We want everyone to live peacefully in a way that allows them to achieve "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- the American Dream. We cannot attain law and order when the police are behaving like unaccountable thugs.

No one -- no one -- condones the paid agitators that are sowing violence across our cities. Millions of words have been written on that and I, of course, agree. But, I'm sick of reading excuses for the appalling conduct of the police the last week and throughout our nation the last two decades. I posted on this subject Friday. Things have only gotten worse since, as illustrate by the video below.

This video is from Minneapolis. It will turn your stomach. Apparently, they believe they are in Afghanistan and unaccountable to U.S. or international law.
It is easy for the 'police' to act tough when walking behind military vehicles through a peaceful neighborhood with unarmed citizens. But, when faced with actual demonstrators? They ran. There is video online.
There is more than a little evidence the police are targeting journalists.

The problem isn't confined to just the wrong people being selected as police. The video linked in green will turn your stomach (extreme parental advisory): didn't link to this video in my first piece because I didn't think it would be necessary. Not only is the murderer-cop-sadist Philip Mitchell Brailsford not in jail, the taxpayers are paying him $2,500 per month because he says he has ptsd -- which he caused himself! We seem unable to discipline even the rottenest apples. And, so, the downward cycle continues.

I am certain that when the 'officer' put his knee on Floyd's neck, it never occurred to him he would face discipline. After all, 17 other complaints against his official conduct taught him so.

Finally, there is the MSM's appalling reporting on this topic.
The above is an image from the Star showing what occurred last night. 
Then, the Kansas City Star puts 'violent' in scare quotes today because it cannot bring itself to believe the people on its side of the political aisle are responsible for all of this rather than "white supremacists" and President Trump.

With the MSM's biased reporting, it becomes nearly impossible to tell who the "good guys" are -- which makes it extremely difficult to support and vote for people who will make a positive difference.

While I do not claim to have all, or even most of, the answers, it is critical that we figure out the problems. We are fighting for the soul of our nation.

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