A Mask = MAGA Hat or AIDS Ribbon

Staggering Statistics Pertaining to the COVID-19 Tragedy in Our Nation

  • For every death in the USA due to COVID-19, 385 jobs have been lost. Many forever; as there are many businesses that have gone bankrupt or may not otherwise be able to reopen
  • For every case of COVID-19, 24 jobs have been lost.
  • In most age groups, the recovery rate after contracting COVID-19 is 99%. More on this, below. 

After 48 hours of utter, utter nonsense regarding COVID-19's transmissibility outdoors, the genuine situation with regard to wearing masks at all times (including outdoors) emerges. It is a token of one's 'caring.' 
Put another way, wearing a mask = MAGA hat or AIDS Ribbon. It is merely a symbol of one's beliefs and has nothing to do with science or disease presentation. As Luke puts it below:
Clown show? You bet! The mainstream media continues this hypocrisy in examples like this afternoon where the MSNBC reporter (outdoors) complains people are not wearing a mask. But, what you don't see until someone shouts it out, is that his cameraman isn't wearing one, either!
All this is "COVID Theatre" in the same way the TSA is "Security Theatre." 

Attempting to get back to the science, I asked the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) this morning for the science justifying its call for everyone that went to the Lake of the Ozarks to self-quarantine for 14 days. I asked a total of three times with no response.

I then watched Governor Kelly's press conference at 3:30, hoping she would provide an answer.
Please note: Gov. Kelly is INDOORS with a
bunch of people in the room and she is NOT wearing a mask.
She did not.

A nurse contacted me on Twitter this afternoon and was critical of my position regarding the quarantine. I requested she point me to the science. Her response:
I have no idea why doing a study as to the transmissibility of the virus outdoors would be "unethical."But, again, no science behind the quarantine idea.

So, we can conclude the quarantine request boils down to a frustrated governor slapping the wrists of those who dared to have fun in the sun and mild weather (it was 74°F at this time yesterday at the Lake) rather than hiding, which is evidently what Gov. Kelly would have preferred.

Consider these updated statistics: Per the New York Times, today:
I live in the very low risk Sedgwick County, Kansas (4 deaths/100K population). We had plans to go to moderate-risk Johnson Co. over the weekend where they have had 10 deaths/100K. Had we done so, we would not have been asked to quarantine.

But, if I had gone from very low risk Sedgwick Co. (4)  to extremely low risk Camden Co., Missouri,
(just 2 deaths/100,000 population) we would be asked to quarantine. This makes no logical nor scientific sense. Based on the fact the KDHE chose not to answer my multiple requests for the underlying science in calling for the quarantine, and that Gov Kelly did not address it this afternoon, it appears the request is a form of political correctness (people outside having fun = bad!) -- and/or caution taken to the extreme -- rather than something grounded in medical or epidemiological science. 

With inspiration from radio financial guru Dave Ramsey this morning, I did a little math this afternoon.
As tragic as everyone of these deaths happens to be, the economic toll, and the toll on our national psyche and sense of community, will end up being far worse than the coronavirus itself. 

Twenty-four jobs lost, some forever, for each case of the illness. This is political and epidemiological malpractice at its worst. The lockups should have ended long ago. Yet some, like Virginia this afternoon, are extending them or aspects of them

The bottom line: None of this is science, anymore. Like global warming, it started out with the best of intentions but has morphed into a cancerous political situation which is dangerous for our nation. 

1. Stop with the masks outdoors. 
2. Lift the lockups - immediately - except for nursing homes
and other high-risk areas.


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