I'll Take My Medical Advice, "Symbol"-Free, Thank You

I want my medical advice to be free of politics 
and political correctness. 
I don't care whether Dr. Fauci wants to "make it a symbol" or not. I don't care whether he thinks it shows "respect" or not. More and more, I question Dr. Fauci's priorities.

A physician prescribing or recommending a mask or other medical advice should be based solely on whether it will prove a patient with a health benefit or whether it will provide a public health benefit to others. "Gestures," "respect." and "symbols" have nothing to do with it.

San Francisco's absurd new order mandating masks whenever anyone is within 30 feet -- even outdoors -- is nothing but authoritarianism. In The Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free, this should not stand.


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