Sunday, May 10, 2020

Sunday Fun: Global Warming Extremism = Some Needed Humor

Our Sunday Fun feature is intended to be humorous. One of the few good things about the last two months is that the global warming lunacy (as opposed genuine attempts to solve the problem) has been largely pushed out of the media. Still, that doesn't stop the extremists from trying.

This headline should give you a laugh.
I suspect the oyster flatulence crowd fits into the group described below. It comes from a batch of memes and editorial cartoons, published yesterday. 

After the record cold in the East this weekend, I suspect literally no one is thinking about global warming (except, perhaps, Big Climate's PR agencies while plotting to get back into the limelight).

The envy of global warming extremists toward the attention and $$ received by COVID-19 is palpable -- as this nonsensical headline demonstrates: 
S-u-r-e: a poll, which was taken in the middle of the COVID-19 scare, puts global warming at the top of environmental issues. 

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