I Don't Know Why Her Statement Is Even Controversial

Carly's tweet is getting quite a bit of pushback on Twitter, even though it is right on the money. 
She is absolutely right.

Think back to this incident.
The white policeman, Sean Groubert, shot an unarmed black man, LeVar Jones, for exactly following his instructions.

What is not visible is that the policeman later committed perjury in his sworn statement. He said that Jones charged him, so he shot. Obviously, that was not the case. Not even close.

But, suppose, there was no dash cam? Mr. Jones, who was not only shot, likely would have at least been prosecuted. Even if cleared, he would have spent tens of thousands in attorney fees. Justice?

As critical as I have been of epidemiology, medicine and politicians the last three months, they have not performed anywhere near as catastrophically as law enforcement.

Law enforcement officials swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Let's see, were they acting in accordance with their oaths when they (all in the last 2.5 months)...??

Conducted a bogus arrest of the CNN reporters this morning....

...or, the Raleigh Police telling us that peacefully protesting an executive order, later found unconstitutional, is "non-essential,"
or, a SWAT team, without masks but with automatic weapons, responding to a tiny Texas restaurant so as to arrest people for not wearing masks. A SWAT team? For masks?

Or, the police -- in their boat -- arresting a lone paddle boarder, for,"failing to follow the orders of a life guard" because the life guard told him the beach was closed. Of course, as the photo clearly demonstrates, he was in the ocean when arrested. Do life guards in California believe they can close the ocean?!

I could go on but these should convey the idea.

One of the primary reasons for America's greatness (at least in the past) was the rule of law. If we cannot trust the police to uphold the very basics of the law and to protect our most basic rights, then we are in very, very serious trouble, indeed.  

UPDATE: 1a Saturday. The police situation worsened a few hours ago in Louisville. [sarc on] The police, wearing $3,000 worth of combat gear and armed to the teeth, must have feared from for their safety from an unarmed, female television news reporter and her photographer.


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