No, We Don't Need a New "Climate Initiative"

Wall Street Journal Wednesday
Let's see:
  • The U.S. has 15% unemployment -- Great Depression levels. Unemployment may rise further. 
  • The CDC is completely dysfunctional. 
  • Worldwide, the computer models being used to forecast disease, "not ready for prime time." It will take big dollars and scientific dedication to fix them. 
  • The FBI, and likely DOJ, are utterly corrupt. They have to be fixed. 
  • We must cut federal spending and raise taxes, temporarily, to repay all of the stimulus.
The last thing we need to do, especially since "the science is settled," is to spend more money on global warming. The spending on wind and solar is a complete disaster; it is worse than wasted because the two destabilize the electricity grid. 

After spending trillions, we should have learned we cannot control the weather. It is time to devote this precious money to much better uses. 


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