Today's Coronavirus Comments

No kidding. 

Come on, Governor Kelly
In March, when we thought coronavirus was much more communicable than flu and 26 times more likely to be fatal, "Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives." was a sensible slogan. Yesterday, when this image was captured, it had morphed into politically correct B.S. and, in my opinion, a cowardly thing to promote. It is long past time to be hiding in the basement.

There is now no reason to "stay home." Kansas is very low risk. Out of a population of 2.9+ million, we've had fewer than 10,000 cases. Deaths have been a small fraction of what was originally forecasted. It is summer. Cases are decreasing rapidly (below). Now, Kansans need jobs, recreation, and a restoration of collegiality among friends, neighbors and families.
This is not a D vs R issue. By far, the most effective Kansas Governor of my lifetime was Democrat Robert Docking.
Kansas has a chance to get out ahead of other states by
 opening up quickly. Let's do it!! 

One other thought pertaining to Gov. Kelly's quarantine and "stay home" recommendations. On April 1, Kansas was forecasted to have 640 CV deaths by summer. The bottom of the "we're absolutely sure" (tinted) interval was 210 as of May 27. The actual number of deaths, as of today, is 205.
The governor can say, rightly, she's been misled by public health officials and I would certainly agree with her. I don't know who is advising her but it is time for new advice. 

New Topic Update, 2:30pm. From Washington, D.C. today.


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