The Evil of False Science

Rabbi Michael Barclay writes,
I have two responses:
  • "No kidding?!" (sarcasm in case you were not sure)
  • "What science?" (dead-on serious)
Rabbi Barclay begins,
As a rabbi, I have always looked at patterns and historical repetitions, and I have to admit… I am starting to get truly frightened. Not of coronavirus, earthquakes, or an increase in crime.
I am starting to get scared of “science”.
Not the scientific method that I grew up with of hypothesis, proof, and conclusion. But this strange and questionable “science” upon which public policies are now getting based. It is starting to remind me all too much of other policies based on “science” in the past. Historically, when public policies have been based in the science of the time, the policies have often led to dangerous and painful results.
When over 100 Chicago clergy opened their doors this past weekend to provide the essential services of spiritual nurturing through prayer in defiance of the stay-at-home order of Illinois Gov. Pritzker (D), the governor tweeted that he had “sympathy for leaders struggling with those choices — but not for those so intent on disregarding science & logic that they put people’s lives at risk.” 
Governors Cuomo (D-New York) and Newsom (D-Calif.) have imposed draconian measures of quarantine and isolation based on “science” and in the process have determined that cannabis clubs, abortion clinics, and bike shops are all more “essential” than religious institutions.
Strongly recommend the rest of his piece. It is compelling, so I will pause for a moment to give you a chance.... 

Welcome back. 

As I wrote three days ago, there is almost no genuine science (as Rabbi Barclay and genuine scientists define it) informing these decisions: It is toxic combination of power, politics, and voodoo. 

Another example of anti-humanity 'science' from earlier this week is here

Since World War II, people have asked, over and over, how Stalin and Hitler got away with slaughtering tens of millions of their countrymen. Answer: Hitler didn't start with the ovens. Those demons took one small step at a time. 

Regardless of the likelihood of something like this in the United States: red lights and sirens should sound in everyone when we even take even a quarter-step down the same road as a Josef Mengele.

Thank you, Rabbi Barclay. 


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