More Evidence: Why Wearing Masks Outdoors Is a Bad Idea

As I wrote yesterday, wearing a mask outdoors in an unconstrained area is pure theatre. Others are calling it "virtue signaling."

I believe outdoor mask wearing is scientific nonsense and is terrible for our social cohesion. Hours after posting, yesterday, the item at the above link, this encounter surfaced from yesterday in New York City's Central Park. Please watch and then I'll comment.
Forget the terrible fact this NYC resident behaves like a bigot. Her wearing the mask is pure theatre: She approaches him (no one worried about a disease gets closer to someone who may be a carrier) then removes it to speak on the phone even though it is easy to speak on the phone while wearing the mask. In fact, removing the mask seems to make things more difficult (dialing the phone and controlling the illegally unleashed dog).

No reasonable person who is genuinely worried about catching the disease would remove the mask or walk toward another, passive, person. He is not threatening in any way. 

The Supreme Court has ruled, over and over, there is no expectation of privacy when in a public location. His taping her (for his own protection, obviously) is perfectly legal and ethical.

America, especially at this critical time, cannot afford more items that separate us. We need more social cohesion and better science. We don't need more virtue signaling. Lose the masks when in the wide-open outdoors. 

[Update, 3p CDT: The woman was fired for her obvious racism. They should have also cited her lying to the police.] Details, here.


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