Thursday, November 1, 2018

You Say No One Wants a Revolution??

Dallas at night - a beacon of free enterprise
Dr. Jordan Peterson:
Liberty, free enterprise and the rule of law are the three things that will make any nation and its people prosper. Unfortunately, we have too many in America and elsewhere trying to repeal these values in favor of socialism and communism -- while they fly around in business jets. It is the common men and women who are supposed to lessen our carbon footprints "for the planet."
Quillette's excellent article is here.

It is a shame humanity has not learned the lessons of Castro, Stalin,
Communist Gulag
Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao and the other thugs. Giving up our freedom and the rule of law "for the planet" makes no sense.
Two of three from Bloomberg, published today.
"Governments...have a responsibility." -- says who?
Free enterprise breeds innovation and that is what is needed to solve global warming and the other issues we face. Would you rather trust our future to bright women and men coming out of engineering schools or the Antifa which shouts down climate experts who have differing opinions from theirs?
Antifa is exactly what a nation gets when it no longer values liberty and the rule of law.

These three principles: liberty, free enterprise, and the rule of law must be primary when finding solutions to global warming or any other issue.

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