Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Air Disasters" Terrible Omission

I just finished watching the Air Disasters' "Storming Out" episode about the crash of USAir 1016 in Charlotte on July 2, 1992. I was an expert witness in the litigation involving that crash.

In addition to some mischaracterizations of facts there is a terrible omission: the producers (the Smithsonian of all organizations) credit NASA with discovering and researching the microburst.

That couldn't be more wrong. The discoverer of the microburst was Dr. Ted Fujita along with his mentor Dr. Horace Byers. Their discovery was published in the February, 1977, edition of the meteorological journal Monthly Weather Review.
It was both morally wrong and unethical not to give Dr.'s Fujita and Byers the credit that was due.

ADDITION: On LinkedIn I have been criticized for writing this post and implying the omission was not an accident. I have good reasons for writing the post as it is written and I stand by it.

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