BULLETIN: 8:30 pm Saturday, Winter Storm Developing As Forecast

Updated at 10pm. 
The forecast snow amounts have been increased from last forecast. 

This will be a severe blizzard with gusts above 40 mph which will cause drifting of the intense falling snow. There has already been a 20-car accident on I-70 in Colorado, closing the highway. Consider alternate plans rather than driving through this storm. Wind gust of 60 mph just reported at Denver International Airport. These winds will move into the Plains and will be part of the blizzard. 

If at all possible, move your flight to/through Chicago/Milwaukee tomorrow to as early in the morning, if possible. 

Here is the regional radar as of 8:15pm 10pm CDT. Blues are snow and darker blues = heavier rates of snowfall.

Updated at 10pm CDT.

The blizzard warning has been extended to the south. It now includes Kansas City and the entire length of Interstate 70 across Kansas. 

Here is the forecast radar for 6am Sunday.

Here is the forecast for 3pm Sunday.

 The radar forecast for 9pm Sunday.

Here are the forecast accumulations. Please note these amounts are a bit higher than earlier forecasts. 

Trying to drive through this blizzard is extraordinary dangerous, in my professional opinion. I urge you to reconsider if you are considering driving through this area tomorrow.


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