Saturday, November 24, 2018

Update on Major Winter Storm

The airlines have issued waivers which allow people flying through the affected areas to reschedule their flights. I urge you to take advantage of them, especially if you are flying through Chicago or Milwaukee Sunday or Sunday night. 

I also urge you to consider whether it is safe to drive through an area where heavy snow is occurring along with moderate to high winds. 

Here is the overview:
  • Pinks are winter storm warnings.
  • Golds are high wind warnings (especially pertinent to trucks and large SUV's)
  • Purples are winter weather advisories 
  • Deep greens (near Chicago and into Michigan) are winter storm watches
The storm that will affect the Great Plains and Midwest is now organizing over the Rockies as the 9:15am radar indicates.

Here is the forecast radar for 6pm this evening. Greens are rain. Blues are snow with darker blues equal to heavier snow. 

The forecast radar at 6am Sunday.

The forecast radar at noon Sunday.

The forecast radar at 9pm Sunday.

Here are the forecast snow accumulations:

So, there it is. Please be proactive and be safe! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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