UPDATED: Halloween Tornado Forecasts Revisited

You'll recall that meteorologists were quite concerned about tornadoes Halloween evening and overnight. One person died as a result of a nighttime tornado. Now that the "ground truth" surveys are complete, here is what actually happened.

Keep in mind the 5% (brown) area is the significant threat threshold and 10% (yellow) was an enhanced threat. Hatched was a forecast of strong tornadoes. UPDATED: November 7.
I believe you'll agree the forecast by the NWS Storm Prediction Center was excellent.

There was a close call due to lightning (h/t Brandon Sullivan) in central Texas. the frame shows lightning so close it completely whites out the camera.
The next freeze frame shows children running and screaming.
Children should never be allowed outside when thunderstorms threaten.

I had posted the lightning forecast and the central Texas area where the above video was taken was in the 40% area.
Weather forecasts and storm warnings are excellent tools to keep you and your family safe when extreme weather threatens. 



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